We are pleased to announce first, second and third place winners of the One Heart Foundation International Design Competition for the second One Heart children’s eco village in Kenya.

Congratulations to the winning entrant from Malaysia,
Poo Liang Edric Choo.

The judges praised the design solution’s combination of aesthetic beauty, functionality and buildability, describing it as an “inspiring place to learn”. The winning entrant now has the opportunity to work with Melbourne based practice ClarkeHopkinsClarke to bring this unique project to life.

Congratulations also to our second and third place winners:

Second Place: Suzy Syme and Team (Australia)
Third Place: Sunjana Thurumala Sridhar and Team (USA)

I would also like to publicly recognise an additional shortlisted submission. This team was originally overlooked due to a corrupted file. Well done Laura Katharina Straehle and Team for making the shortlist!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the One Heart International Design Competition. Your passion for architecture and your contribution to making the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya better, is deeply appreciated.

Here at One Heart, we are keen to ensure that all individuals and teams that participated get some feedback on their submission and we will aim to respond to every entrant with personalised feedback by the end of February 2017.

Well done once again to our winners and many thanks to all who participated!

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