"When I grow up I want to be a A Neurosurgeon"

Sharon is 17 years old. She first came to the One Heart home in 2008 when she was only 10 years old. When we first enrolled her in school, she was really struggling to learn even though the teachers said she had great potential. Over time though she started to really excel at school and ended up doing so well that we had to transfer her to a private school that could keep up with her rapid learning.

Sharon continued to work hard and do very well at school and at the end of 2013 she had exams to obtain her Kenya Certificate for Primary Education. She ended up being one of the top students in the country which earned her a place in a prestigious national secondary school which she started at in 2014. Even though the work load is greater and the competition is high in this school, Sharon who dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon is determined to work hard to make her dream becomes a reality. From where she first began its amazing to see that Sharon has become the most disciplined and responsible child at the One Heart home and is now a role model to all the other kids at the home.


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