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Teacher for Change

If education is the key for breaking the poverty cycle, then good teachers are the door to change for children living in poverty.

This is why One Heart is developing new schools and creating homes for vulnerable children in the villages of Kenya – providing holistic care and education for orphaned and abandoned street kids.

While more children are getting access to government primary schools in Kenya,

  • only 33% go on to secondary school,
  • only 4% advancing to tertiary levels,
  • and in some regions only 19% of girls are enrolled in a school.

The barriers to seeing children advance through schooling is simply the

  • cost of education supplies and uniforms,
  • a poor quality primary education that often fails to prepare them sufficiently for secondary levels, and
  • the potential loss of income to a family that a child can generate if they attend school rather that starting work as early as possible.
  • Cultural practises prevent girls from going to school, including health and hygiene management issues

This has to change!



One Heart is building a sustainable model to see positive long-term change, but we need your help in the short term while we grow, to enable us to appoint and support more teachers.

By sponsoring a teacher rather than just an individual student, you can help provide a high-quality education to 30 children per year. Your support then has a ripple effect as those 30 educated children grow to become the empowered leaders of tomorrow.

A full teacher’s wage in rural Kenya is $250 per month. I encourage you to stop and consider the direct impact that you, your school or your business could make in the lives of 30 children for only $3000 annually. Also, you can be confident knowing that 100% of the funds make it to the teacher, and your support is tax deductible in Australia.

How can you get involved?

  • you can sponsor a teacher in full for $250 per month or in a once off sponsorship of $3000 per annum.
  • you can get your class or school together to support 1 or more teachers. One Heart can then arrange video links and on-going communication with the teachers.
  • as part of your business corporate social responsibility (CSR) program you could support multiple teachers and partner with us as we focused on creating long term sustainable change. One Heart can provide material for your business communications highlighting your support of Teachers for Change.


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