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One Heart continues to grow as we look to reach more children

OneHeart Uganda

One Heart Uganda…all registered and approved and ready to start making a bigger impact in the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda.

Children’s Village, Turbo

The new One Heart Village is in a town called Turbo on the edge of a river. We have recently completed stage 1 of the village which includes a primary school, boarding home, skills training centre and eco-farm.

One Heart Primary School

We believe education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle, that is why we are building a high quality school that will provide the highest standard of education in small class sizes to maximise the children’s education. The school  consists partly of the One Heart kids who live there, local children on One Heart education scholarships as well as other full fee paying students. Stage 1 includes administration, library, computer studies, classrooms and sports fields.

Skills Training Centre

Located at the Turbo Village, we will be offering adult skills training on topics such as health, finances, life skills and new farming techniques. The aim is to provide free or low cost education to parents in the surrounding villages to better equip them to provide and care for their children.


The Eco-farm has been stablished in Turbo. 21 acres of maize and vegetables not only provides nutritional food for the homes, but allows us to sell the produce in the local market along with the produce of our dairy cows and chickens. New initiatives such as fisheries, bee keeping, greenhouses and advanced farming techniques for traditional crops such as maize will also be used to fund the homes and also used to train others as part of the skills training centre.

Van Service

As we grow we are looking to expand our resources of small vans. These vans are used as a school bus in the mornings for the surrounding children to attend our school, but are also hired by local businesses after hours to generate an income for the homes.


One Heart is grateful to receive free music, instruments and lessons from Muzikii, a USA based organisation setup to bring the power of music to those in need. Visit

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