Empowering women to reach their maximum potential

We know that the biggest change we can make in the rural communities of East Africa is to empower women and girls by providing education, healthcare, life and business skills that will allow them to support their families, and enable them to reach their full potential. That is why we are creating a focused, holistic, and scalable approach to empowering girls and women.
Woman Empowerment & Skills Training (WEST)
We believe in the old saying…‘Give a man (or woman!) a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.’

In order to have a bigger impact in the surrounding communities, we are in the process of establishing a skills training centre to train local women with new skills to better enable them to earn an income to support their families. We will provide training in I.T, health and nutrition, and certain trades such as Hairdressing, Tailoring, Weaving and Hospitality.
Entrepreneurial Training
Through our strategic partnership with Street Business School, we undertake intensive training for key women in the area of entrepreneurship... here we ‘train our trainers’ to then go out into local communities and identify women and girls to take part in our Entrepreneurship program as part of our WEST centres.

One Heart’s vision to bring about community change can start by empowering women in our local communities. By increasing their incomes through business ownership, women can feed their families and send their children to school.
Workshop Dormitory
As the student numbers grow we then look to establish our own co-work, workshop, and boarding facilities to accommodate women and girls in shared boarding facilities to create a safe environment for those who have to travel long distances to undertake our intensive courses.

The co-work and workshop space will become a creative hub, and coupled with a small ‘shop front’ will allow many women to sell the items they create. As part of One Hearts international network, we are actively looking at opportunities to export our graduates goods and/or online services.
Woman’s Healthcare Centre
Part of our overall masterplan is to develop a community centre. We want to provide the opportunities to connect with, and impact the surrounding community.

The Woman’s Healthcare centre will be used for the functions like: Consultation rooms for visiting GP’s, Counselling spaces, Women’s Healthcare training, School Holiday programs, Social Worker liaison spaces, Disability Assistance programs, Mum and Bubs Maternity Care and Early Childhood Development.