Soy Guesthouse

The Soy Guesthouse is located on an 8 acre property in Soy, Kenya with live stock and agricultural land providing a range of income generation streams via tourism, hospitality and farming. Completed in 2016, the Guesthouse is initially supporting social enterprise endeavors that are funding scholarships, but is envisaged as a future base to host volunteers, partnership programs and training workshops once global travel restrictions ease.
In 2017 One Heart Foundation ran an international design competition for the design of a future second village on this site.
The successful design firm was O2 Design Atelier from Malaysia, working in conjunction with ClarkeHopkinsClarke in Melbourne to create a concept design for an ecovillage. The design was highly commended at the 2017 World Architecture Festival.
We sincerely thank John & Arthur Elliott for providing the funding for this project.