Uganda Land Purchase

A successful crowd funding campaign in 2019 saw us raise $30,000 for the site of our first One Heart Village in Uganda. Thank you to a group of individual and corporate donors we were able to secure a parcel in the town of Bugiri and construct fencing around the property allowing farming to commence on the land.
One Heart Village Uganda will provide education and care for vulnerable children in the local region. Land has already been purchased, fenced and prepared for farming to commence as soon as possible for early income generation. And while plans progress on the new school, we have partnered with a local primary school so that we can help support education and care of local children immediately.
Currently 50 kids are on One Heart scholarships and we are supporting their caregivers through regular care packs of food, clothes and supplies. One Heart Foundation is proud to be able to broaden our impact beyond Kenya into a second country.
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