Cover the salary of a local teacher who will educate and empower 30 children.

Through your sponsorship of $300 per month, we can pay the salary of a teacher at One Heart and cover the costs of education resources, training and transportation.
Why sponsor a teacher?
1 Teacher, 30 Children
By supporting a teacher, you not only provide them with income and resources but more importantly you give them the ability to educate over 30 children each year.
Educating children from Years 1 - 12
The One Heart School provides early learning play-based learning for young children right up to senior Secondary School education preparing students for tertiary education or work.
We pay our teachers a fare wage
$300 represents a fair living wage in Kenya in 2020 according to - fulfilling the basic needs of workers and their families, as well as providing some flexible income, within normal working hours.
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